Commonwealth Games 2018 : Gymnast Rakesh Patra included in CWG team after initial snub

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Commonwealth Games 2018 : Gymnast Rakesh Patra included in CWG team after initial snub

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Gymnasts Rakesh Patra and Yogeshwar Singh have been included in India’s seven-member team after a couple of rookie gymnasts were dropped as they were yet to receive their international licenses. On being picked, Patra stated that he wants to work very hard and bring home a medal from Gold Coast.

Patra had missed out on selection after the all-around scores criterion was applied without prior notice. On Wednesday (March 7), Patra moved the Delhi High Court with a written petition. Indian Olympic Association (IOA) conceded that they were bound by the rules of the international body. 

“IOA had sent an email to their counsel who submitted to the court that while respecting the FIG request they were bound by GFI’s decision of the squad selection and they were ready to include Patra’s name in the team without further delay,” counsel for the gymnast, Adv Beno Bencigar said.

However, after rookies Md Bobby and Gaurav Kumar were ruled out as they were yet to receive their international licenses, gymnasts Rakesh Patra and Yogeshwar Singh were drafted in and their names were sent to the organisers. 

“We dropped the two gymnasts because they did not have the necessary license to compete internationally. So we have added the names of Rakesh and Yogeshwar to the list for the Commonwealth Games and sent it to the organisers today,” an IOA official confirmed.

After the controversy of All-around scores erupted, it meant that Patra would not make the cut. However, with the controversy settled and with Patra selected, the 26-year old gymnast is now confident and relieved that the matter has been put to bed. He now wants to train hard and win a medal for the country. 

“I’ll focus on training now and work very hard. After the controversy, I want to prove that I can win a medal from CWG. I like performing with pressure and want to stay positive and not just reach the final at CWG, but also bring home a medal. Gymnastics is my life, and I want to ensure that there’s no negativity in my equation with the selectors or coach. I want them to support me now, and I intend to be respectful towards them and not hold onto this,” he added.

Patra revealed that the last one month has been a testing one for him. But he was positive about that fact that all good things come with certain obstacles. 

“Nothing like this has happened to me before this. But good things in life come with obstacles always. God is always on the side of truth. I was worried since the trials and there was uncertainty because people kept telling me my name is there. I was hurt. when I realised they’d actually cut me out. But now everything is cleared,” he said.

The gymnastics team now consists of Aruna Reddy, Pranati Nayak, Pranati Das, Ashish Kumar, Rakesh Patra, Yogeshwar Singh and Meghna Reddy. 

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