Caster Semenya’s fight against 'hyperandrogenism' policy is about dignity of all female athletes, asserts Dutee Chand

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Caster Semenya’s fight against 'hyperandrogenism' policy is about dignity of all female athletes, asserts Dutee Chand

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Dutee Chand has stated that the fight against 'hyperandrogenism' policy is not only about her and Caster Semenya but it is about the dignity and honour of the female athletes. The sprinter was banned from participating in the Commonwealth and Asian Games in 2014 after she had failed the gender test.

Chand successfully challenged her ban according to the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF)’s 'hyperandrogenism' policy in the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS), Lausanne and came back to represent her nation at the international events again.

However, the athlete from Odisha has mentioned that she is still not done with the fight and South African runner and 800m Olympic champion Caster Semenya is taking the battle ahead. Semenya is fighting at the CAS to ensure that the policy of the IAAF against the female athletes be abolished soon. The CAS judgement over this issue will be out before March 26. 

"The closure for me will come when the CAS will abolish this policy. That would be the day Dutee's fight will be over. Till that time, be it Dutee or Semenya, all women athletes stand united against this rule. This is not about Dutee or Semenya, this is about our self-respect, honour and dignity," Dutee told TOI during the Indian Grand Prix in New Delhi where she won a gold medal in 200m with a timing of 23.30 seconds.

"It was a very emotional mail, where I just wanted to tell her that I am 100 percent with her in this fight. I want her to win this battle and am confident about it, so I thought of introducing her to people who helped me in my case. Look, there's no proof that athletes like us who may have higher testosterone levels are benefiting from this natural human body trait. All bodies can't be same, my body will react differently to tours. It's all natural.

"On that pretext, you can't shame the entire world of women athletes. Do you know how painful it is to undergo all those medical tests? You feel ashamed of yourself. It's the most embarrassing moment in an athlete's life. The rule is biased against us. There's no such testing in the men's world. They can get away with whatever high or low testosterone levels. But it's we women who are subjected to this painfully embarrassing situation," the athlete added.

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