PBL 2017 rules and regulations – 11-point system, trump card, and more

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PBL 2017 rules and regulations – 11-point system, trump card, and more

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The new season of the Premier Badminton League has seen a lot of changes in the rule, including a new 11-point system being introduced into the tournament. As the six teams fight it out for the title, here is a look at the rules and regulations for the 2017 edition of the tournament.

Squad restrictions

Each team must have 10 players in their squad, and those 10 players must also fulfill the following criteria:

- The squad can have a maximum of 6 foreign players.

- The squad must have two ‘Icon’ players.

- The squad must also contain three female players.

A single player is allowed to fulfill all the above three criteria.

Match format

Each tie comprises 5 matches:

- Two men’s singles

- One men’s doubles

- One women’s singles

- One mixed doubles

After each team shares the list of players who will be playing the 5 matches and their choice of trump match (explained later in the article), the order of play will be mutually decided by the technical team of the PBL before each tie with the following criteria in mind:

1. No player plays back to back matches.

2. In case the same is unavoidable, then there will be a 5-minute extra gap between consecutive matches if the same player is playing them.

Prior to this, both the captains would have shared the names of the players who will be representing them in these 5 matches and which of these 5 matches will be Trump for the respective teams.

No player can play more than two matches in a tie, and both the men’s singles will have different players participating from each team.

The new 11-point system

There has been a change in the point system this year. Each match will be played as best of 3 Games, with each game being a race to 11 points. In case both the players are tied at 10-10, then they play on for a lead of 2 points, till a cap of 15 i.e., after 14-14, there will be a sudden death to 15.


Each player will be allowed 1 unsuccessful challenge per match – the successful challenges are not counted. In addition, each team is allowed 1 challenge (successful or unsuccessful) across the course of the 5 matches in a tie.

Trump match

Each team strategically selects one of the 5 matches that they play in a tie as their trump match. In a trump match, a victory gives the team a bonus point and a loss gives it a negative point. Both teams will specify which of the 5 matches will be their respective trump match along with the list of players that they share, at least one hour in before the start of the tie with the referee. Both the teams can have their trumps in the same match.

A win in a normal match gives +1 point, a loss gives 0 points. In a trump match, the team that has called for the trump gets +2 points for a win and -1 points for a loss. However, the other team will play this match as a normal match and will either get +1 or 0 points for a win or a loss respectively. If both the teams place the trump on the same match, then for both of them +2 or -1 scoring will apply for a win or a loss respectively.

League and knockout rounds

In the league stage, each team will face the other teams once. After the end of the league, the top 4 teams with maximum points will proceed to the semifinals. There will be a draw taken after the last match of the league stage. The top two teams will be placed at the top and the bottom of the draw. The remaining two teams will be drawn by a lot to play against these two top teams in the semi-finals.

In the case of two teams ending up with the same points after the league stage, preference will be given to the team which has won their head to head tie. To clarify, winner of a H2H tie will be the team that had accumulated maximum points in those 5 matches of the tie (but not the team that has won more matches out of those 5).

In case there is a 3-way tie on league points, then the team with more net games won (games won minus games lost) will get the preference. In case the 3-way tie on league points is still not resolved using net games, then the team with more net points won in all their games (points won – points lost) will get the preference. If this still does not resolve the tie, then the higher rank will be decided by drawing a lot.

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