Can’t say when would I stop boxing, says Sarita Devi

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Can’t say when would I stop boxing, says Sarita Devi

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Boxer Sarita Devi has said that she can’t say when she would stop boxing after winning a bronze medal at the Asian Boxing Championship on Thursday. Sarita has also mentioned that boxing was in her blood and further explained the hardships faced by her in the past before entering into the sport.

Manipur-based Indian boxer Sarita Devi had a good outing at the Asian Boxing Championships this year where she ended her campaign with a bronze medal. She lost her 60kg semi-final bout and had to settle only with a bronze medal and after which has spoken her heart out saying that she is not able to say when she would stop taking challenges inside the ring.

“You have to have a big heart to take the pounding. Boxing is about taking punishment well. To have the courage to fight. I just want to go on. I can’t say when would I stop boxing.” Sarita told Sportstar. 

“Boxing is in my blood. Off-season, if I take a break, I feel something amiss. I take two or three days rest and then this urge that I must get back to the ring. I feel my world would collapse otherwise. My motivation comes from my movements in the ring.” Sarita added. 

While explaining about the hardships she faced on her path before entering boxing, she added that she was not in a situation to think about the future but the urge towards the sport made her reach the destination. She also added that she had to make a choice for herself and her family as well.

“Those were difficult times. Insurgency was heartbreaking. There were no jobs for the young. I saw youth being misled. We were told India is not for us. There was rampant drug menace. I often wondered, where did my future lie? I had to make a choice for myself and my family,” the pugilist explained.

As a boxing veteran holding 11 medals, Sarita has said that her patriotism towards the nation has not faded away at any situation and also mentioned that she would constantly study herself and the opponents inside the ring.

“I knew my future was in sports and I made the right choice. I boxed for India. The National Anthem and the National Flag propelled me to give my best in the ring. I feared none once I began boxing at the big level. I am constantly studying myself and the opponent. It makes me confident. I back myself to win a medal.”

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