Russel Arnold defends Sri Lankan players over “Oxygen-gate”, gets trolled on Twitter

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Russel Arnold defends Sri Lankan players over “Oxygen-gate”, gets trolled on Twitter

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Russel Arnold tried to defend the Sri Lankan players, whose behavior has been questioned for Oxygen-Gate, with an illogical tweet where he asked why the Indians had worn sunnies while batting. However, Arnold received a huge backlash on Twitter for his flawed logic and was trolled by the Twitterati.

The Sri Lanka team has found some support in the form of Russel Arnold over “Oxygen-gate” where they had stopped the game on multiple occasions on Day 2 of the third Test of the India-Sri Lanka series. On the second day of the final Test India were forced to declare their innings at 536/7 as the Sri Lankans seemed uncomfortable while fielding due to the bad air quality in Delhi.

It created an unusual scene on the ground as the Sri Lankan team manager, his Indian counterpart, and match officials had a small meeting on the ground to discuss the situation with the on-field umpires. Once India had retired a lot of fans started questioning the Sri Lankan players for the way they had handled the whole situation. 

In this row, Arnold came out in the support of the Lankans and defended them through a tweet which Twitterati rejected outright and brutally troll him for it. The 44-year-old compared the oxygen mask to the sunglasses and clarified that as the Indian players didn’t continue to wear sunglasses while bating even in the sunny day, in the same manner, the Sri Lankan players came in their first innings without the mask.

Soon, after Arnold's comparison, a fan pointed out that the visitors' tantrums and claimed India played in the same atmosphere easily.

A fan with the twitter handle @ashish_bijalwan reminded him about the 9-0 loss which they faced in their own home soil earlier.

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