WATCH : Trent Boult self-commentates during his 37-run cameo

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WATCH : Trent Boult self-commentates during his 37-run cameo

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The usage of stump mic in cricket has resulted in many funny incidents coming to the fore and MS Dhoni’s comments behind the stumps making people realize the kind of talk that occurs on the field. Yesterday, it was Trent Boult's turn to be laughably vocal during his unbeaten 37 against West Indies.

Trent Boult is a very likeable character both on and off the field – for the way he behaves and still manages to bowl menacing deliveries. But yesterday, he showed a completely different side of his personality as he was heard commentating on his own batting while playing a blitz knock of 37 runs. 

While facing the Windies bowlers, if there was any good ball on offer, he fended them, but used phrases like “Ohh Niceee..” and while punishing the bad deliveries, he used to say, “Oh C’mon…” This was easily recorded on the stump mike and made the people laugh their lungs out.

If that was not only the indication of how talented he has been, he also decided to pull off a blinder as well while bowling. On the fifth delivery of the 14th over, Shimron Hetmyer's defensive stroke took a flight when Boult was on his follow through. Watching that, he instantly moved towards the right side away from the direction of the ball's trajectory and dived to his left to get hold of the ball. Estimably, the entire action clocked around 0.35-0.4 seconds. The catch also somehow looked similar to the one that Nathan Lyon managed to pluck out of midair with a one-handed beauty in the Adelaide Test. 

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