Virat Kohli: The only thing that’s in my hand is preparation

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Virat Kohli: The only thing that’s in my hand is preparation

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Virat Kohli has claimed that as an individual, the only thing that is in his hand is preparation and a positive mindset which helps him for the game. The Indian cricket team skipper also opined that fitness is the most important thing for players, especially when one plays in all three formats.

India have been nothing less than outstanding in Tests in the last two years under Virat Kohli’s captaincy. They have won eight series on the trot making it to the number 1 in ICC rankings. And the 29-year-old skipper has revealed that he concentrates only on his preparations ahead of the game which has always helped him as well as his team to do better on the field.

“As an individual, the only thing that’s in my hand is preparation and [having] a [positive] mindset. And I am fully committed for that. In fact, I make sure that I am absolutely giving it my all to prepare and think in a certain way. After that, I just go out and enjoy myself. For me, it’s about doing my duty for the team and the sport that has given me everything. So, to me, what people say or write about me does not matter at all, not even one percent,” Kohli told HT.

Kohli changed the perception of player’s fitness in cricket. He presents himself as an example for not only his team but also for the other cricketing nations. The Delhi-born player also talked about the need for a fit body in today’s time and how it became a priority in his routine.

“Of course, that is the most important thing because when you play in all three formats, you want your game to be at a certain level all the time. You need to work hard, make lifestyle changes because your fitness and routines have to become the priority. That’s the only way you can attain or achieve the standards that you set for yourself every time. And I am someone who doesn’t like to take any game easily and not be intense on the field,” he said.

Kohli has always been considered as an emotional player but with time, the player has learned how to handle it. Now, his emotions have turned into intensity which is easily reflected during the matches. 

“I want every ball to be an event that we win as a team. So, I give my 120 percent for that. I am naturally like that so I need to work hard. My game will be nothing if I am not intense enough on the field and that is one of the main reasons why I keep working hard on my fitness but now, it has become more of a second nature and my lifestyle. I would rather miss a practice session but not my training session. That’s how important it has become for me,” the Indian Team skipper said.

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