WATCH | Rain Gods and Virat Kohli’s over-eagerness cost Cheteshwar Pujara his wicket

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VIDEO | Rain Gods and Virat Kohli’s over-eagerness cost Cheteshwar Pujara his wicket

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When life throws you a curve ball, there is hardly anything that you can do about it. Today, Virat Kohli and Pujara learnt it the hard way as they went back to the pavilion after a rain stopped play, only to be called back from the entrance, only to then lose a wicket before play was stopped again.

For all his majesty as a world-class batsman, Virat Kohli is slowly making a name for himself as a bad communicator on the field. And today, in another instance, the Indian skipper was the culprit of Pujara being run-out in his comeback Test.

Today, after rain interrupted the game twice, umpires finally took the early lunch and the game resumed at 18.10 IST and it was always going to be a challenge for the duo of Kohli and Pujara to weather the James Anderson storm. They did well for the next 10 balls to avoid any damage, but the drizziling started again and the umpires asked the players to go off the ground. However, given it wasn't anything too heavy, the England players insisted on continuing the game, but by then Virat Kohli had already reached the hallowed Lord’s pavilion. 

The Umpires, Aleem Dar and Marais Erasmus, sided with the English and asked the Indian skipper to resume batting and that turned out to be a moment that Kohli would rue for the entire day. 

After letting one ball go through to the keeper outside the off stump, Pujara defended the next one with soft hands with the ball going towards point. The ever-so-agile Indian skipper, thinking it as an easy run, set off immediately. Pujara had to respond, but that was the time when Kohli decided to betray his partner and stop running. Pujara had already crossed the half-way mark and it was a gift served on a platter for the debutant Ollie Pope to make his first significant contribution in the international cricket. 

Pujara was run-out, once again. And that was also the moment when Saint John's Wood saw the heaviest downpour of the day as the game stopped once again. Such is the irony of life!

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