BCCI undecided about IPL dates for next season!

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BCCI in mix over IPL dates for next season

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With the possibility of general elections clashing with IPL and World Cup from May 30, the BCCI has found itself in a mix over the schedule for the next IPL. Now the BCCI is left with no choice than to wait whether the central government would push for an early Lok Sabha elections heading into 2019.

Along with the political parties BCCI, which has to take a call on the dates of the next IPL, has also been waiting to see if the central government would push for an early Lok Sabha elections heading into 2019.

With 50-over World Cup scheduled to start from May 30, IPL cannot be delayed any further. In fact, BCCI would have to plan for an early IPL ending because as per ICC regulations for participating teams, all the teams must remain available for promotions for two weeks ahead of the tournament.

Keeping in mind the World Cup, BCCI has zeroed in on March 29, 2019 as the starting date of the IPL’s 12th edition, as reported by TOI. However, World Cup deadline is only part of the problem for BCCI as if the central government don't call for an early election then BCCI would have to seriously consider its options for the IPL.

The last three general elections in India have been held between the months of April and May. The 2014 general election was one of the longest elections the country had ever seen and a similar duration can be expected for the next Lok Sabha elections as well.

“The IPL – under the new set of contracts and revenue models – is going to be a billion-dollar entity every season. There’s a lot at stake for many who are committed to the league. Moreover, there’s absolute unanimity among stakeholders that as much as possible, they’d like the league to be played in India, not abroad,” sources told TOI. 

In 2009, the BCCI had moved the IPL to South Africa because of the general elections but the move wasn’t very fruitful for BCCI as it failed to get clearance from RBI to transfer funds. In 2014, BCCI had to shift a part of the IPL again to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because of the general elections, but only for a period of 19 days, before moving back to India for the rest of the tournament. 

“However, the 2019 general elections is going to be unlike any other in the past given the scale and stakes. IPL stakeholders will definitely want to know in advance if the 2019 edition can potentially clash with the elections. Planning in advance will be the key,” said a tournament stakeholder.

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