India vs England | I don't like looking too far ahead, says James Anderson

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India vs England | I don't like looking too far ahead, says James Anderson

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James Anderson has stated that his short sighted approach towards the game has kept him consistent enough to bowl well throughout his journey and he added that he doesn't think about retirement. He also spoke largely of Alastair Cook and said that he will miss their on and off-field interactions.

The Test series between India and England ended on a high note wherein England beat India by a score of 4-1. James Anderson had a fantastic series as he ended up as the highest wicket taker with 24 wickets at an average of 18.12. Not just the series but the very last wicket of the final Test, Anderson also broke the record of Australian legend, Glenn McGrath of 563 Test wickets to become the most successful pacer of all time.

Anderson believes that his short sighted approach towards his career has been a major factor behind his success. He explained that if he thought and planned for something far ahead, the chances of him getting distracted or pressurized would have been significantly high. As far as his final match was concerned, Anderson said that his retirement would come in a flash much like McGrath, who retired suddenly after winning the 2006-07 Ashes.

"I read something that Glenn McGrath said that he went into the 2006 Ashes with no intention of retiring and by the end of it he thought his time was up. That could happen to me. Who knows? I don't like looking too far ahead. I don't think it helps me or the team either, when we look too far ahead, whether it's in a session or a day or a game. If you look too far ahead you take your eye off the here and now and that's what I like to focus on. It's hard to explain, and I don't want to play it down too much, but it doesn't mean a great deal to me. I have said this throughout my career that when I finish, it will mean a hell of a lot to me to be able to see what I have achieved. But right now it's hard when you just put all your energy into the present and try to perform well for England, that's all I really focus on,” he said.

Anderson also spoke largely of Alastair Cook who hung up his boots after the final Test against India at The Oval. Anderson has played under Cook when he was captain and mentioned that he still used to go to Cook for advice during matches. 

“For me he's been a very good friend but he's been someone I look up to. His work ethic and the way he conducts himself, he's a real idol not to just me but to the rest of the team. He'll be missed in that respect. We'll still be very good friends going forward but I'll just miss him on tours, in dressing rooms. Just that shoulder to lean on when it's not going that well. Even on the field he's someone I go to, because he stands at first slip and knows my game really well. I guess I was emotional because he's not going to be there for those times anymore,” he said.

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