Virat Kohli still has lot to learn, believes Sunil Gavaskar

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Virat Kohli still has lot to learn, believes Sunil Gavaskar

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Speaking about Virat Kohli's skills as a skipper, Sunil Gavaskar has mentioned that there are a lot of things that Kohli needs to learn. The former Indian captain also said that Kohli needs to know how to make timely bowling changes and break big partnerships during a Test match.

According to Sunil Gavaskar, the current Indian skipper has a lot to learn in terms of his man-managing techniques. Further, he mentioned that some of his moves exhibit his lack of experience as a captain. As per Gavaskar, Kohli has the experience of a batsman, who can assess a pitch according to him, but not as a captain, who can determine the establishment of a nice partnership. India lost 4-1 to England in the recently-concluded Test series and the former India opener has stated that Kohli lacks proper judgement on bowling changes and field placements.

“He (Virat) still has a lot to learn. Like we saw in South Africa earlier and now in England, there were instances when right field placements or timely bowling changes made by him could have made a big difference. That was missing again. It has just been two years since he took over as a captain (actually it has been almost four years since Kohli took over as Test captain from MS Dhoni) so at times the lack of experience shows," Gavaskar told India Today.

“Whatever experience he had was that of Indian pitches, where wickets fall quickly. He did not have the experience of breaking a good partnership. Hopefully, he will learn that by the time we tour Australia.”

Further, Gavaskar also mentioned that the Indian team went unprepared on the tour, so the outcome of the whole series is not so astonishing. He also stated that Indian team management should sincerely consider the need of the hour while selecting players for the Test series in Australia.

“All of us who have been around for some time know that preparation is such an important aspect of international sport and were aware this was likely to happen. The fact that it happened does not surprise us that much. Hopefully, the same mistakes won't be repeated in Australia even though they might not be that strong an opposition without Steve Smith and David Warner in the ranks," Gavaskar said.

“The need of the hour is to be brutally honest, to see that this is the area we didn't clearly measure up to. There is a need to fill that place up. That is an area they need to look at very, very hard. We need to think about the opening pair, the middle-order batsman and the all-rounders who have to be selected carefully depending on the pitch and opposition we are playing against. Whatever it might be, 4-1 is a massive win. It means when it mattered, England won all the key moments.”

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