7 things you missed I From beer drinking guy to Jason Roy hitting Hat-trick sixes

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7 things you missed I From beer drinking guy to Jason Roy hitting Hat-trick sixes

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Srijith Gopal


Did you watch today's match between England and Australia in Birmingham! Looks like you might have missed few things during the match. Don't worry we sat through the entire match and covered it pin to pin from ball one. Here are the things we collated from the match! Sit back and enjoy 7 things.

Archer cleans up Finch first ball! 

The crowd booed after Aron Finch got out as Archer struck with his very first delivery. Finch went for a review but could only see three reds on the screen which meant that Australia lost both their captain and review very early.

A cut on the chin of Alex Carey!

A nasty delivery from Jofra Archer saw Carey pick up a cut on his chin. For all the Ashes fans this is very similar to the bouncer that made Ricky Ponting bleed in 2005. Alex Carey tried to evade that but the ball arrived before he could get out of the way. The Physio came out there in the middle to put the band-aid and Carey continued the battle.


Jofra Archer chilling while Carey was getting some aid!

The Physio was again out there in the middle as Alex Carey was bleeding again despite getting some treatment early on. Carey was seeking further treatment on it but meanwhile, look at Archer! How cool he is even after injuring Carey’s chin.


Man drinking beer beside Kangaroo toy!

In the serious World Cup semi-final match between England and Australia, this guy just chilling in the crowd with a glass of beer and Kangaroo toy by his side.


Bairstow elevates angle with the bat to take a run!

Behrendorff delivered a length ball which Roy pushed to mid-off as the fielder there looked to stop it with a dive. But the ball deflected off his hands and hit Bairstow's bat which led them to take a run. Roy, however, apologised to Steve Smith.

Bairstow got his twins in the crowd!!

In a curious semi-final match between Australia and England at Birmingham, you might have missed watching these two fans who appeared to be there to support a certain Bairstow. 


Woah!! Hat-trick sixes from Jason Roy

Hat-trick of sixes, Jason Roy ended Steve Smith’s bowling career over there. This is the biggest for Roy and worst for Steve Smith in the ongoing World Cup campaign.

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