WATCH | Akila Dhananjay gifts away his wicket despite Van der Dussen dropping simple catch

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VIDEO | Akila Dhananjay gifts away his wicket despite Van der Dussen dropping simple catch

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After dominating the Test series, Sri Lanka turned on their usual self-destruction mode in the first ODI as they lost wickets in shocking ways. Only Akila Dananjaya can explain what he was doing when Van der Dussen made a simple lob to run him out after dropping a catch on the same ball.

The fall of South Africa’s fielding standard is no more a new thing for international cricket and despite the team having a rich legacy of good fielding, they have faltered at the most opportune times recently. The first ODI at the Wanderers, however, it was Sri Lanka's mediocrity that saved the hosts from blushes.

On the first ball of the 40th over, Rabada bowled a length delivery which Thisara Perera powered it down the ground. The ball was in the air for a good period of time and even cleared the mid-off fielder and was well on course to be a four. Van der Dussen ran backwards to grab the offering, but his efforts went in vain as he failed to be there right on time to hold onto the catch. Meanwhile, the duo of Thisara Perera and Akila Dhananjay completed a single.

After seeing Van der Dussen missing the catch, the duo thought they could run another single, but for the reasons only known to them, they remained static in the middle of the wicket. Meanwhile, Dussen threw the ball back in a manner like the run was completed and he was just sending the ball back to the bowler. It was not accurate, and truth be told, not even a throw. It was a simple lob, but Rabada was alert enough to collect the ball as he saw both Perera and Dhananjay were stuck in the middle of the crease. With Akila not being anywhere close to the non-striker’s end, Rabada disturbed the furniture that ended the batsman's stay in the middle. 

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