WATCH | Glenn Maxwell convinces Virat Kohli about Shikhar Dhawan LBW even before third umpire replay

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VIDEO | Glenn Maxwell convinces Virat Kohli about Shikhar Dhawan LBW even before third umpire replay

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That Glenn Maxwell shares a very good relationship with Virat Kohli is not a secret anymore, especially after the latter’s appearance in the "Maxi Vlog" in 2016. Today, Maxwell used his friendship to convince Kohli that Shikhar Dhawan was out, even before the third umpire could check the replay.

Shikhar Dhawan is going through a lack of form for quite some time now and it was the ninth consecutive innings that he has failed to score above 30. A good score could have done a world of good for him but he once again failed to play an off-spinner and was dismissed for 21. While that was not good news for him at all, the sequence of events going into the dismissal were quite interesting.

On the third ball of the 9th over, Maxwell bowled an orthodox off-spinning delivery which neither had carry nor had enough pace to drag the Delhi southpaw deep into the crease. Dhawan could have played it on the back foot to minimise the chances of getting struck, but he failed to do that and as a result, he played a Natraj shot with his front leg taking a rotation while his lack leg remaining constant.

It was a recipe for disaster as the ball hit on the front pad and that was sufficient for Maxwell to appeal for an LBW dismissal. Nitin Menon, however, was confused about the impact as he went against Maxwell’s appeal to side with the Indian. The all-rounder was surprised by that and asked Aaron Finch to go for a review after consulting with wicket-keeper Alex Carey. 

Even before the third umpire checked the replay, Virat Kohli, who was batting with Dhawan at the other end, asked Maxwell if it indeed struck on the pads. The Victorian, who shares a very good equation with the Indian skipper, gestured that the ball was within the line of the stumps by a whisker and he was sure about the dismissal. Kohli seemed convinced about that and just waited for the third umpire’s approval. The HawkEye also showed three reds on it which meant Dhawan’s terrible run continued in all formats of the game.

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