WATCH | Crowd chants “Dhoni-Dhoni” in unison after Rishabh Pant’s "MSD back-flick" goes wrong

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VIDEO | Crowd chants “Dhoni-Dhoni” in unison after Rishabh Pant’s "MSD back-flick" goes wrong

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In the team or out of the team, it doesn’t matter for MS Dhoni to have the crowd frenzy behind him. Even though he was rested for the last two ODIs, he made his presence felt in fans’ minds when Rishabh Pant missed a simple stumping chance, and after that, the crowd chanted “Dhoni-Dhoni” in unison.

There is one sky, there is one moon and there is one MS Dhoni. It has now become the supernatural truth of the universe as Dhoni, with his inhuman timing of the stumpings, has made his cult status during a time when the epilogue has been written to celebrate the colossal career. Well, if you think when MS Dhoni is not playing, his status among the fans would dwindle a bit, you are grossly mistaken. Mohali crowd would find you to answer that question.

On the fourth ball of the 44th over, Yuzvendra Chahal bowled a slower delivery in the middle to Alex Carey and the Aussie tried to chase it down, but the lack of judgement of the turn resulted in him ending up jamming the ball onto his pad. The ball eventually fell to the left of Pant at a time when Carey took a step as well.

Pant thought there was a run-out chance for him and instead of doing it normally, he back-flicked it like MS Dhoni did once to run Ross Taylor out. His flick, however, missed the target and give no one was backing up the throw, Australia managed to take a single as well.

While Chahal was very much frustrated and was loss of words after the chance went begging, Kohli was very animated in the deep and couldn’t control his emotion as well. However, the crowd decided to teach Pant a lesson by chanting “Dhoni-Dhoni” at the top of their lungs.

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