WATCH | Virat Kohli jokingly mocks Ravindra Jadeja after "begging LBW appeal" for clear inside edge

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VIDEO | Virat Kohli jokingly mocks Ravindra Jadeja after "begging LBW appeal" for clear inside edge

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A Ravindra Jadeja special is always on the cards when he is on the field - with the ball in the hands, or by some antics that he pulls. Today, he literally pleaded the umpire to give Marcus Stoinis LBW before Virat Kohli comically pulling him up to tell that it had clearly come off the bat.

You only trust Ravindra Jadeja if you have lost all hope in life and he is the only person available who can render some help to you. Otherwise, it is better to go by your own instinct and his captain knows that better. After dismissing Glenn Maxwell on the fifth ball of the 34th over, he saw an opening to get the better of Marcus Stoinis on the next ball. But his act was so funny that it made for a demonstrative package for the umpires for why they shouldn’t trust the bowlers all the time. 

Jadeja bowled an arm-ball which skidded off the surface in such a fashion that Marcus Stoinis was caught in the crease to play the shot. The less reaction time available resulted in Stoinis not being able to play it straight back and the inside edge hit the pads to be lying on the surface. Jadeja ignored the edge completely and appealed in a very loud manner before going down on his knees, literally pleading, or even begging, Nandan to raise his finger.

Nandan was unmoved entirely and didn’t even reject the appeal, but Kohli found it very funny, knowing very well that Jadeja had a clue that the ball had hit the bat before hitting the pads. He pulled Jadeja up from his knees and failing to control his laughter, he told him how can the umpire give a batsman out when the ball had come off the bat. Jadeja’s smile said it all as well. 

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