James Neesham deleted his controversial tweet about MS Dhoni and then explains why he did it

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James Neesham deletes tweet on MS Dhoni’s dismissal after fan backlash

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James Neesham is one of the very few cricketers who uses his Twitter to make jokes about even contemporary cricketers while giving his honest views on the game. However, he was forced to delete a Tweet that he had made after MS Dhoni’s controversial run-out decision after Indian fans’ backlash.

Dhoni's run out dismissal for just 2 in the 13th over of the CSK run-chase created a controversy as he seemed to be found himself fractionally short of the crease to a throw from Ishan Kishan. The on-field umpires immediately went upstairs and third umpire Nigel Llong checked various angles before coming to the conclusion that Dhoni was indeed short of his crease.

However, that divided Twitter entirely and giving his opinion on the dismissal, Neesham had tweeted, “I love how passionate some fans are about our sport. I have huge respect for MS but how anyone could see the below photo and say it’s not out truly astounds me.”

The photo in question was the one from the back of the bowler camera angle and there it was clear that Dhoni hadn’t landed the bat inside the crease when the below incident happened. However, Neesham had to face a lot of backlash from fans which propelled him to take the Tweet down.

Putting a further message on Twitter, Neesham wrote, “I’ve deleted my tweet about MS Dhoni’s runout, not because I’ve changed my mind, but because: 1. I’m sick of seeing the same dumb comments in my feed 200 times a day. 2. I just don’t actually care. Please don’t bother tweeting me about it again. Have a good day everyone.”

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