Nostra Pro: Make your predictions for Liverpool vs Roma now!

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Nostra Pro: Make your predictions for Liverpool vs Roma now!

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So, tonight is a big night for Liverpool's trophy hopes this season, and what a hope it is! They absolutely swatted City at home before eking out a victory at the Etihad. The opponents completed a comeback against Barcelona to seal a semi-final berth, and that makes them strong opponents, indeed.

This is how we think the match will pan out. You can try the game, too, just click here, if you are on Android, and you can win cash directly into PayTM/your bank account, if you get your predictions right.

1. Who will win more tackles?

Liverpool have made more tackles per match this UCL season, however, Roma are not far behind. Expect Roma to tackle more considering they are playing away and won’t have a lot of possession.

2. Who will have a better passing success rate?

Nainggolan has a better passing accuracy in the UCL but expect Milner to have a better passing success rate taking into the fact Liverpool will be at home and will hog possession.

3.  How many aggregate fouls will be committed?

Aggregate should go over 25 considering Roma’s record and they are playing an away match.

4 Will Sadio Mane score or assist?

Mane has 7 goals in UCL and expect him to score/assist today considering its Liverpool’s home game and they will build a good number of attacks.

5 Who will make more interceptions?

Van Dijk has a superior record, but Fazio will make more interceptions considering it’s their away game and also recent record suggests the same

6 How much possession will Liverpool hold?

Expect Liverpool to hold more possession considering it’s their home game. More than 50%.

7 Who will win more aerial duels?

Liverpool will have possession in the game, and they like to play on the ground. Lovren will likely face several long balls against Dzeko, but Lovren has a better win%, so expect him to win more aerial duels than Jesus.

8 Who will score more goals?

Firmino should score considering it’s their home game and his UCL goal tally this season. However, expect Roma to score 1 away goal and that should come from Dzeko. Hence going for EQUAL

9 Will anyone receive a red card?

No red cards should be given because both the teams have a clean record

10 How many aggregate goals will be scored?

Expecting this to be a 2-1 or 3-1 in Liverpool’s favour because both the teams will be eager to score and Liverpool have an attacking setup. Going for 3 or more

11 How many saves will Alisson make?

Expect Allison to make more than 3 saves this match considering Liverpool will attack a lot

12 Who will attempt more shots?

Expect Salah to attempt more shots than Schick because  Liverpool will create more chances for their forwards and its their home game

13 How many shots on target will Roma have?

One would expect Roma to have 6 or more shots on target looking at their UCL record till now, but Liverpool managed to restrict Man City to NO shots on target at home. Going for 5 or less here.

14 Will either team keep a clean sheet?

Both the teams will be looking to score so it's highly likely that both the teams won’t be able to keep a clean sheet

15 Who will win?

Expect Liverpool to win this game because they are playing at home, and their home record is simply amazing.  

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