We too deserve the same status as given to the Men’s team, says Monika Malik

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We too deserve the same status as given to the Men’s team, says Monika Malik

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Indian hockey player Monika Malik has opined that the Indian Women’s hockey team also deserved the same status as given to the men’s team in the country. Malik, along with teammate Savita Punia, also voiced their disappointment on their Asia Cup matches not being televised live on TV.

The Indian women team qualified for the Hockey Women's World Cup London 2018 after beating China 5-4 in a closely-fought final which entered into the shoot-out round at the Women's Asia Cup in Kakamigahara in Japan. Earlier the Men’s team had also won the Asia Cup title this year. Member of the winning team, Malik raised the question over the status that is afforded to women’s hockey team in the country claiming that there should be the same attention towards both teams.

"We will definitely discuss this matter with our coach that women's hockey team should also be uplifted. Our ranking is also getting better with each passing day. We too deserve the status given to the men team," Malik told ANI.

Indian women’s team performed really well throughout the Asia Cup with convincing wins in all their games. The team did the country proud by clinching the title on Sunday, but none of their matches were telecast live in India, unlike the men's Asia Cup last month.

"We are feeling very proud after becoming the champion of Asia. The men's hockey team just got the gold medal and now we did it as well. However, I am a little disappointed because our matches were not telecast live on television like those of men.

"If our matches are also live, more people will see it, more support we will receive, and the better we will perform," she said.

Malik opinion was seconded by goalkeeper Savita Punia, who played a major role in India's victory, as she also felt hurt for not being given live coverage but she also ensured that it would not affect their performances.

"Matches like these are the rare chances when the Indian public can get to know how good the Women's hockey team is doing and where do they need improvement. We were hurt by this issue somewhere but it is secondary. We can't take it with us when we are playing in the field. We have to focus on our match at that time," Punia said.

The Hockey Women's World Cup 2018 will be held at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London from 21 July to 5 August 2018.

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