Delhi's Adarsh and Mumbai's Siddhi win Indian Open (Bouldering) Championship

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Delhi's Adarsh and Mumbai's Siddhi win Indian Open (Bouldering) Championship

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Giri Vihar Mountaineering Club organised the India Open Bouldering Championship at the RA Podar Collge, Mumbai. The newly-popular sport, which will be an Olympic event in 2020, saw Adarsh Singh of New Delhi and Siddhi Manerikar of Mumbai emerge winners after a very competitive couple of days.

New Delhi-based Adarsh Singh and Mumbai’s Siddhi Manerikar bagged the men and women titles in the Indian Open (Bouldering) Championship, organised by Giri Vihar, at the RA Podar College, here on Sunday.

On the concluding day, 18-year-old Adarsh finished with '3t4, 4b12', while Siddhi ended with  ‘3t5, 4b4’. Adarsh was the men's winner at the 22nd National Sport Climbing Championship at Bengaluru in Bouldering.

Adarsh staved off the challenge of the much fancied Ajij Shaikh who finished second with '3t4, 3b'. Ajij was the man to beat in the men's section. 

Earlier in the day, Ajij topped the semi-finals by once again pipping an opponent, Bengaluru’s Lokesh Rajan. Both climbers took five ‘attempts to the top’ to achieve 4 ‘tops’ and ended on ‘4t5’. However, what separated Ajij from Lokesh was the 'number of attempts for bonus’ to log ‘total bonus’, which in this case read: Ajij (4b4) and Lokesh (4b5) respectively.

In the women’s section, 22-year-old Siddhi, who began the sport in the eighth grade and benefitted by having a climbing wall in her school, showed that experience helps by finishing way ahead of her Bangalore competitors Prateeksha Arun and Chea Marar.

Siddhi began the day topping the 11 woman field finishing with (3t5, 4b4) and qualify in top spot for the semifinals, ahead of Prateeksha Arun (2t3, 4b7).

In the final, Siddhi, a 2015 National Bouldering Champion, finished with ‘3t5, 4b4’ and was followed by Prateeksha Arun (2t3, 4b7) and Chea Marar (2t6, 4b9) to make up the Top-3. 


Men: Final: 1-Adarsh Singh (3t4, 4b12; New Delhi); 2-Ajij Shaikh (3t4, 3b4; Pune); Bharath Pereira Kamath (2t3, 3b4; Bengaluru)

Women: Final: 1-Siddhi Manerikar (3t3, 4b4; Mumbai); 2-Prateeksha Arun (1t1, 3b3; Bengaluru); 3-Chea Marar (1t1, 3b3; Bengaluru)

Men: SF: 1-Ajij Shaikh (4t5, 4b4; Pune); 2-Lokesh Rajan (4t5, 4b5; Bengaluru); 3-Sandeep Kumar Maitey (4t8, 4b6; New Delhi); 4-Bharat Kamath (3t3, 4b4; Bengaluru); 4-Adarsh Singh (3t3, 4b4; New Delhi); 6-Sunil Kumar (2t2, 4b4; Maharashtra)

Women: SF: 1-Siddhi Manerikar (3t5, 4b4; Mumbai); 2-Prateeksha Arun (2t3, 4b7; Bengaluru); 3-Chea Marar (2t6, 4b9; Bengaluru); 4-Sneha Deodharkar (2t6, 4b11; Mumbai); 5-Shreya Nankar (2t6, 3b8; Pune)

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