High Jumper Tejaswin becomes third Indian to claim the NACC title

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High Jumper Tejaswin becomes third Indian to claim the NACC title

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After Mohinder Singh Gill and Vikas Gowda, high jumper Tejaswin became the third Indian to win the American Inter-University title. There were four athletes qualified for the 2.24m jump and Tejaswin claimed the victory in third attempt to register himself as the bearer of the title.

Representing Kansas University, where he is studying Business Administration on a four-year scholarship programme, Tejaswin was the fifth freshman to win gold in the United States’ National Collegiate Athletic Association (NACC) Track and Field Championships. He became the third Indian to win the title after Mohinder Singh Gill, who had won five titles in the triple jump in between 1969 to 1971, and Vikas Gowda, who won the title for discus throwing.

Tejaswin cleared the 2.08m, 2.13m, 2.18m and 2.21m bars in the first attempt itself. There were total four players who had cleared the 2.21m and the bar height was raised to 2.24m. Tejaswin couldn't make the jump in the first two attempts though before he successfully cleared it in the third attempt, hence claiming the title. He went with 2.30m after receiving his gold but was unable to make it in all the three attempts.

However, Tejaswin has removed himself from the upcoming Asian Games. This news came after his win, when he addressed a letter to the Athletic Federation of India stating he won't be participating in the Asian Games because of his strained neck, which could become a career-threatening injury.

“I was really looking forward to this, so I'll probably go to Disneyland. I'll probably go there and spend a couple of weeks and then get back to my summer training.

“I don't want this situation to arise next year, where I'm in a tie with three people. I really want to put out a big mark next year so that I can be an outright winner,” Tejaswin mentioned this to the media after getting his gold.

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