I’ve found my purpose, says Nick Kyrgios stirred by a cancer victim

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I’ve found my purpose, says Nick Kyrgios stirred by a cancer victim

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Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios claims he has found a higher purpose in life now and is planning to channelize his career towards something meaningful by building a facility for the disadvantaged kids. Kyrgios got his inspiration after experiencing the death of a young boy suffering from cancer.

Troubled tennis player Nick Kyrgios seems to have finally found a purpose in life and it all happened due to the death of a little boy called Piotr, who was suffering from terminal brain cancer. Kyrgios had met the boy earlier this year before a match at the Australian Open and was deeply moved by his loss. Kyrgios says that he will never forget the boy, as he has made him realize his real purpose in life which is to work and build a facility for disadvantaged kids. 

The incident seems to have affected him greatly as Kyrgios now states that he will never forget the boy, and is planning to build a facility for disadvantaged kids. The 22-year-old had another meltdown on Sunday, when he lost the China Open final to Rafael Nadal, which reflects his emotional disturbance.

The young player has past records of struggling with his demons, losing focus during the match and arguing with umpires and fans. He wasn’t taking tennis seriously and revealed that he was feeling as if he had no real purpose in life, but, now he has one, a higher purpose.

Expressing his feelings on http://www.playersvoice.com.au, a website for sportspeople to air their views, Kyrgios wrote, "You’ve no doubt noticed that I’m not all that good at hiding the fact I’d rather be somewhere else a lot of the time. So, what have I been doing it for? You hear people talk about being motivated for their kids, or a cause, or something more than just themselves."

It further reads, "It’s inspiration, pure and simple, and it gives them focus when times are tough. There’s a reason underpinning everything. It’s a higher purpose than just collecting a paycheque. I haven’t had that and I’ve always been envious of those who did. I think I’ve found my purpose in the last couple of months. I’m building something.” 

Moreover, the World No.19 also revealed that several years ago he had a vision of creating a safe place for the disadvantaged and underprivileged kids to 'hang out, be safe and feel like they were part of a family'. It would also consist of tennis courts, basketball courts, a gym, a sports field to kick a football, food and beds. “It’s all I’ve been thinking about outside of tennis since then,” he said.

He and his family have been looking for appropriate land in Melbourne and some organisations to partner with. Kyrgios plans to commence the work by the Australian Open in January. His dream is finally coming true and he owes it to the little cancer victim. 

“Tennis is a great life, we’re well paid and the perks are pretty good, but it can feel empty if you’re just doing it for the money. I know what it’s all for now. I’m playing for them now.” 

Despite having found the new and right direction, Kyrgios said that he still has a lot to learn.

“All I can tell you is the difference I feel inside now that I know how to channel my career, the money, the publicity, the notoriety, into something meaningful.”

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