John Isner believes del Potro and Nadal equal in delivering lethal forehand drive

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John Isner believes del Potro and Nadal equal in delivering lethal forehand drive

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After losing to Juan Martin del Potro in the French Open, John Isner stated that both del Potro and Rafael Nadal are equally efficient at delivering a strong forehand drive. He has also explained that while Nadal plays mostly over the head, the Argentine is flatter in his approach.

Juan Martin del Potro came back with a bang in 2016 after a career-threatening injury but immediately rose to the fans' consciousness with his immaculate performances in the slams and ATP events. However, if one thing that has captured the most eyeballs is his brilliant forehand shots, which even drew praise from Roger Federer, who posted a Tweet of praise, after losing to him in the 2017 US Open Quarter-finals.

Some connoisseurs of the game have also gone as far as comparing his forehand winners to the ones of Rafael Nadal, who hits them with surgical precision. And now Isner becomes the latest to praise it and stated that both Nadal and del Potro are quite good at delivering them.

“Delpo has certainly one of the best forehands in the world, especially when he's feeling it out there. And if he's able to get in position and take a rip at the shot, it's going to be very lethal,” the American was quoted as saying by the US Express.

“Rafa is a lefty and hits it up over his head. Juan's is a little flatter,” Isner compares the two.

However, del Potro refused to draw into the comparison and stated that his service is helping him win games.

“Well, the first things to my game is trying to hold my serve during the whole match. And sometimes when you are in the first set, you can take control of the game and your game could increase and you can play even better for the rest of the match,” the Argentine elaborated.

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