Yogeshwar's Olympic Bronze to turn to Gold?

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Yogeshwar's Olympic Bronze to turn to Gold?

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In a curious development, reports have surfaced that the Gold medalist at the 2012 Olympic event where Yogeshwar won bronze, has also tested positive. Given the silver-medalist had also tested positive earlier, reports suggest that Yogi's medal may be upgraded to Gold, but it is yet to be confirmed.

Yogeshwar Dutt's bronze received a silver upgrade earlier this week after Russia’s Besik Kudukhov, who was the London Olympics' silver-medalist, tested positive for banned drugs. Russia’s Besik Kudukhov, the silver-medalist at 2012 after losing to Toghrul Asgarov of Azerbaijan, had died in an accident in 2013, but his samples tested positive for banned substances leading to his silver medal being stripped.

Given Yogeshwar Dutt had lost to him in the early stages, he was the one among the two bronze medalists who would receive the Silver.

However, if reports in media are to be believed, the gold-medalist in the 60kg event, Azerbaijan's Toghrul Asgarov has also tested positive. It has been touted that Yogi's medal will now be upgraded to Gold.

However, it appears to have no precedent as the situation where both finalists have tested postive has not arisen so far. The United World Wrestling rules do not state a clear succession of the medals incase of doping in such cases, and with Asgarov having been on the other side of the draw from Yogeshwar, things are unclear as to how Yogeshwar will get the Gold.

Asgarov had defeated the other bronze medallist, USA’s Coleman Scott, in the semifinal enroute to his gold, and that would mean that the American would be the recipient of Asgarov's medal, similar to Yogeshwar receiving the silver medal since he lost to Kudukhov, the other finalist.

Additionally, the situation will be resolved only when the samples of both Yogeshwar and Scott are both tested for doping.

Yogeshwar as well is currently in the dark about his prospects and said, "Even I have heard through reports in the media and have been receiving constant messages. I had lost to the Russian so my bronze should be upgraded to silver. But there is another bronze medallist - USA's Coleman Scott - who lost to Asgarov. I am not exactly aware of the rules. I am yet to receive any official communication (on medal being upgraded)," Yogeshwar told TOI on Friday.

He also did not know whether his samples have already been tested and said, "It may have been tested or will get tested soon. Any confirmation will come only after that."

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