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Dreams to become a Geologist crashed during Post-Graduation to make way for the a dream that I am living now - Writing cricket for a living! Paid to watch and write about the game at SportsCafe. What more do you need in life?

featurecricket15 hours ago

ICC World Cup 2019 | SWOT Analysis - Afghanistan

Afghanistan are one of the most exciting teams to have played the World Cup. They are almost rank outsiders, but no one will stick their neck out and say the team doesn’t have it in them to upset the apple cart and secure a few wins along the way. Such has been their progress over the years.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket3 days ago

ICC World Cup 2019 | SWOT Analysis - Australia

In a tournament as big as World Cup, preconceptions matter as much as realities. Either, you have to live upto the tag that you had acquired over the last few months or you will be suffering the wrath of ultimate online world - ask India, and they will tell you the curse of June 2017.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket6 days ago

Dented by untimely injuries, Varun Aaron vows to bring fear factor to the fore, yet again

Varun Aaron was never set out to be just one among the many. He was a contradiction, the very contradiction of the Indian fast bowling race where having the ability to move the ball was the ultimate gold standard and keeping it for long was the parameter of how many years would you play for India.
Bastab K Parida
newscricket10 days ago

ICC World Cup 2019 | Hardik Pandya is a good all-rounder and a valuable asset to Indian team, asserts Varun Aaron

Varun Aaron has stated that Hardik Pandya is a great all-rounder and his ability to cover up failure in one department with another makes him a valuable asset for India. The pacer has also added that MS Dhoni’s experience is always invaluable and his game-reading ability will help India big-time.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket11 days ago

IPL 2019 | What worked and what didn’t - Kings XI Punjab

Another year, but the same story repeats as Kings XI Punjab started on a convincing manner, only to see their momentum being fizzled out in the second half of the league. They still could’ve become the fourth team in the playoffs, but the inability to soak in the pressure got them on the wrong-side.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket12 days ago

IPL 2019 | What worked and what didn’t - Chennai Super Kings

There is a meme going around in Internet - that Seven IPL teams play in the IPL to face Chennai Super Kings in the final. How much of that true is not left to interpretation at all as it was the case proven time and time again and to validate it, CSK reached yet another final this season.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket13 days ago

IPL 2019 | What worked and what didn’t - Delhi Capitals

Even in this day and age of data mining, one couldn’t discount the simple theory of using the experience to be ahead of the time. Delhi Capitals, bolstered by a young Indian core and mentored by two of the best brains in the sport, provided the kind of cricket that was so refreshing to see.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket15 days ago

IPL 2019 | Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians to fight contrasting realities in a game of bragging rights

"The start for us is not about runs, especially the first two overs. Our role, especially me and Watto, is to get through those first few overs. Because if we don't lose wickets in those first few overs, we play the powerplay better.”
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket16 days ago

IPL 2019 | What worked and what didn’t - Rajasthan Royals

You never want to be a Rajasthan Royals owner, do you? Probably the nicest of the franchises in terms of contributions to Indian cricket, and the most emotional towards their recruits, it is a bittersweet irony that they have never been able to lay hands on the silverware after the 2008 success.
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket18 days ago

IPL Eliminator 1 | Rashid Khan heroics in vain as Sunrisers Hyderabad eliminated from IPL 2019

Sunrisers Hyderabad have been eliminated from the tournament after losing to Delhi Capitals in the first eliminator despite Rashid Khan (3/15) trying his level best to pull off a heist. Martin Guptill had done his bit with the bat, but the team needed a bit more from their skipper Kane Williamson.
Bastab K Parida