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ISL 2019 | Bengaluru FC take on FC Goa in a game of subtle dualities

As far as hype for an ISL final goes for the neutral fans, Bengaluru FC taking on FC Goa is right there at the top for the sheer names on paper and kind of football both the sides prefer. And given the vengeance with which the two sides will take the field, this could easily be the best ISL final.
Subhayan Dutta
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ISL 2019 | What Clicked and What Didn’t - Jamshedpur FC

Jamshedpur missing out on the playoffs was definitely one of the biggest upsets of the season, especially after the way they played. However, despite some individual brilliance and masterful tactics, untimely injuries and suspensions meant that the Steelers would need to wait to make the playoffs.
Subhayan Dutta
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ISL 2019 | What Clicked and What Didn’t – ATK

It's the second consecutive season that ATK failed to qualify for the playoffs and as much as one would want to blame it on their degrading names, which has gone from bad to worse now, the crux has been Steve Coppell’s frustrating negative football and to a large extent his pathetic imports.
Subhayan Dutta
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ISL 2019 | What Clicked and What Didn’t – FC Pune City

If there was one team that had an absolute roller coaster of a season, it was the Stallions. The horse started with a nervy rider before another one took control over steering it straight before they eventually ended with the perfect jockey bringing them to the finishing line in the mid-table.
Subhayan Dutta
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ISL 2019 | What Clicked and What Didn’t – Kerala Blasters

Another season gone by and it ends on a similar note for Kerala Blasters as the side succumbed to nine draws and seven defeats under two managers to finish at a meekly ninth position. With Nelo Vingada already revamping the side, he would first need to recognize and cut away the dead weight.
Subhayan Dutta
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ISL 2019 | What every team has to do to qualify for playoffs this season

With three to four games remaining for every team and as many as seven sides still in contention for the playoff spots, this has definitely been the most competitive ISL season ever. We look at the possible scenarios and what each team needs to finish in the top four by the end of the league stage.
Subhayan Dutta
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ISL 2019 | Carles Cuadrat’s ‘physicality’ concerns Bengaluru FC’s biggest barrier this season

The international break has seemingly changed things drastically for few sides in the Indian Super League with the severest blow evidently taken by Bengaluru FC. However, as far as their manager Carles Cuadrat is concerned, the Spaniard seems to have hit a mental block of sorts at this junction.
Subhayan Dutta
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ISL 2018 | Best Indian Super League XI after Phase 3

After two long and enduring months of the Indian Super League, the struggling teams have now started gaining momentum while the consistent ones have fumbled occasionally. This could mainly be credited to some prolific solo displays who are featuring in our best combined eleven after phase three.
Subhayan Dutta
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ISL 2018 | Have most sides got FC Goa totally wrong

The detailed Spanish elements in the ISL were introduced by FC Goa and no matter how effective Bengaluru FC and how flamboyant Jamshedpur FC seem at times, the way Sergio Lobera’s men play would make one sit up and watch in delight. But, who exactly has kept them ticking is still complicated.
Subhayan Dutta
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ISL 2018 | Could changing priorities be key to FC Pune City’s self-discovery

With contention for title hardly an option now and Pune’s season nothing more than a lost cause, it would be the perfect time for Pradyum Reddy to get his priorities right. Pune play five games before ISL goes into a long break and it would be upon them to earn some of their credibility back.
Subhayan Dutta