Two more Indians to fight at Asia title bout before Vijender Singh

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Two more Indians to fight at Asia title bout before Vijender Singh

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Saketh RVK


India’s star professional boxer Vijender Singh’s WBO Asia title bout on July 16th will be preceded by two international Indo-Thai under-card bouts. Kuldeep Dhanda and Sunil Siwach will be the Indians involved, while Vachayan Khamon and Natdanai Pengthong will take on them respectively.

Vijender Singh will take on Australian Kerry Hope for the WBO Asia Title on July 16th, and his bout will feature two international under-card bouts. 27-year old Indian Kuldeep Dhanda will face Vachayan Khamon in a six-round contest, in his second bout. Kuldeep made his debut in April and won his first bout against Vijay Gaikwad.

“I am fully prepared for my second fight, I know he is an experienced boxer but I am working hard physically and mentally to win this fight. Fighting as undercard of Vijender Singh will be an exciting moment for me,” PTI reported him as saying.

Vachayan Khamon on the other hand, is a veteran of 23 fights, with 129 rounds under his belt. His last fight was a victorious one against Taiwo Ali on 10th June 2016. Commenting on the fight, he said, “I have way more experience than Kuldeep so I am confident about my win. I am going to give him some strong punches and knock him out in the first round,” reported PTI.

The other undercard fight of the night would be Sunil Siwach taking on Natdanai Pegthong.

“I am really excited for my professional debut that too against an international boxer. I am preparing hard from last 4 months and targeting for my first win against Thailand boxer. I am ready to give him a tough time in the ring,” PTI reported him as saying.

Nadtdanai has fought in two bouts so far and has lost both of them, but is confident of winning against the Indian. “I have lost my previous two bouts, but that does not stop me from winning this time around. I will give in my 100% to win this fight as a professional boxer,” PTI reported.

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