Will not take up India job unless 100 % focussed, says Rahul Dravid

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Will not take up India job unless 100 % focussed, says Rahul Dravid

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Amlan Majumdar


After months of news heavily linking him to the India job, Rahul Dravid said today that he will only take the hot seat when he’s 100 percent focussed. While he did not rule out taking it up, the India U-19 coach believes he is still in his infancy in terms of coaching and is still evolving.

“Anything that comes back to you needs to be weighed with lot of consideration, not only in terms of whether you feel you want to do it but also time that is involved in doing lot of these things — what does it entail and what does it require, can you devote time and energy, anything that you would want to do, you want to ensure you are completely 100 percent focussed on it,” Dravid spoke, hinting it might not be the right time to take the job.

On being named the “mentor” of Delhi Daredevils and enjoying a successful stint with the U-19 side, Dravid still thinks he’s quite young in terms of coaching. “I am quite young in this kind of space. There were a lot of things I didn’t think as a player. As a captain, I had to think about strategy and things like that but not to the depth of what you need to do as a coach. Your mind and energy are diverted to other things, so you think a lot about things that I didn’t think as a player. You make mistakes and then I realise how I could have things differently,” spoke the 43-year old as per PTI reports.

“Any decision that I make at this stage of my life would depend on whether I have the bandwidth to do all of these things,” Dravid sremarked.

“It takes time. You can never really say that now you are ready and now you are not. That’s an experience, a learning. You have to do it to only know. Everyday you do it and you want to learn,” said the former captain.

Dravid, who served as captain for India before, recognizes the commitments that come along.“It’s not important whether results come or not but can you give that level of commitment and level of time for doing anything like that (coaching India). Just like in cricket, I mean if I wanted to be really good batsman, I recognised that time, sacrifices and devotion whatever required to get it done and what sacrifices I had to make for it.”

Even after his U-19 boys lost to the West Indies in the finals of the U-19 World Cup, Dravid was looking at areas of improvement. “Forget about the result but I was thinking what we could have done differently. We got beaten by a team that bowled 46 overs of fast bowling. Since it was in the sub-continent, we prepared as we thought there could be lot of spin bowling. We prepared on how do you play spin and a team came from the left-field (blind side) and beat you with 46 overs of medium pace. It started at 9 am and ball seamed all around,” concluded '“The Wall'.

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