Can't Parliament select the Indian cricket team, asks Supreme Court

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Can't Parliament select the Indian cricket team, asks Supreme Court

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Amlan Majumdar


Miffed with the BCCI's continuing opposition to the Lodha committee's proposals, the SC yesterday questioned why the Parliament cannot take over the body's public functions. The Court further asked whether the Indian national team can be selected by the Parliament after passing a law to that effect.

"Why can't the public function of BCCI be taken up by parliament?" the two-judge bench, comprising Chief Justice TS Thakur and Justice Ibrahim Kalifulla, asked, reported PTI.

The bench further clarified its position by asking, "The question is if the activity of organising cricket matches, sending and picking up national team, can be taken up by the parliament.

"Suppose a law by which the Indian team can be selected by Indian parliament."

The bench's remarks followed senior advocate Kapil Sibal's representation of the Baroda Cricket Association (BCA), wherein the body had raised its opposition to the Lodha panel's "one state, one vote" recommendation.

While Sibal replied that the state could in fact take over the activities in question, he added that it will necessitate a change in the bylaws. He further added that it may not be favourable for parliament to take over the BCCI, reported PTI.

The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), headed by Sharad Pawar, also had made its submission against the "one state, one vote" policy.

The MCA argued in favor of the involvement of politicians in sporting bodies. The counsel said that their involvement hugely facilitates the organization of major sporting events, including security arrangements from police.

When the bench further asked, "Can we only have politicians as advisors? Shouldn't the system also function without any politician?", the counsel replied, "That is the reality," reported PTI.

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