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English blogger James Morgan writes that the visitor's performance in the final Test of the India vs England series as “crap” and reserved special words for their spinners. He also questioned Virat Kohli's decision to delay the declaration calling any fear of an English comeback unjustified.


Day four in Chennai caused a mixture of tedium, embarrassment and then eventually mild annoyance. India piled on the runs, as you’d expect in these totally benign conditions, and England’s bowlers looked hopeless. The fact our spinners only managed six maidens combined (out of a total of 113 combined overs) says it all. They’re crap.

End of. I’ve heard people argue that Kohli delayed his declaration to make sure India couldn’t lose the game. What utter baloney. A lead of 200 was plenty. If you think Kohli really feared that England might score 300 in less than three sessions, declare at tea tomorrow, and then blow India away in thirty overs, then you’ve obviously not been paying attention.

If Kohli wants to be this way – and I think his approach probably stems from the bad blood there’s been between the sides this series – then fine. Be like that. But if he thinks anyone in England was actually watching then he’s probably mistaken. We’d all switched over long ago. I sense this was more about shoving two fingers up at James Anderson and Ben Stokes than anything else.

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