Virat Kohli : I don't mind even 10 stitches as long as we keep winning

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Virat Kohli : I don't mind even 10 stitches as long as we keep winning

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After easily chasing down a tough target at the Eden yesterday, Virat Kohli emotionally said that he did not mind 10 stitches as long as RCB keep winning. The skipper had injured his hand while fielding and had to leave for a short period but, to fan's relief, was back in the thick of the chase.

Taking RCB to an improbable fourth win in five matches, Virat Kohli has been in the form of his life. However, yesterday's chase appeared to dent their chances after KKR put up a daunting target of 184 on a tough Eden wicket.

“It was a tricky chase because the wicket was a bit sticky. I knew I had to stay in. We spoke about that. Again, with AB coming out and taking the chase along with me, it feels wonderful. We haven't always played well in Kolkata, but it feels great that we'll carry this win to Bangalore,” Virat said when asked about the chase and how they managed it.

There was a minor scare in the first innings when Virat ran in from the boundary to pick up the ball but ended up missing it. The ball appeared to have cut the webbing of his palm, but Kohli was soon back on the field.

“I was scared while I walked off the field, my webbing was split badly, but I told the physio I had to go out and bat at any cost.

“It's a big split, my hand is starting to pain now, looks like I've got get seven or eight stitches. I don't mind even 10 stitches as long as we keep winning,” said Kohli.

Kohli also talked about the incredible run that RCB have had after a characteristic bad start to the season. “You asked me two games back how we love the situation we find ourselves in, and I told you we love it. There are no room for errors. We have momentum at the right time now, we just want to continue it. I told ABD we have to take the team home and he responded saying 'Yes, we will.' He never lets pressure get on to me. We run well between the wickets, and the opposition gets unsettled,” said Kohli.

In the process, Kohli also broke the record for maximum runs scored in a single IPL season surpassing teammate Chris Gayle's record. Gayle, however, was happy for his skipper when asked about it. In fact, the West Indian urged Kohli to go on and surpass his feat by a mile saying 900 runs was well within his reach.

"I must congratulate him on achieving this. Two more games and may be he can get 900 runs. If we qualify for the playoffs, 1000 as well, who knows," Gayle said. "It's always about determination. He's a person who is never satisfied. He always wants to get better, which is good.

"It always isn't about power hitting. It's about right shot selection and he's very fit as well. He throws himself around the field. (He's a) complete cricketer."

Gayle also compared the partnership of Kohli and De Villiers to a couple of famous DC characters. He said, "It's like Batman and Superman.

"They are in the form of their life. They are doing a phenomenal job for the team. It's just fantastic. They were batting in a pressure situation as well”.

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