Wasim Akram: If I had to bowl to Kohli, I would be worried

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Wasim Akram: If I had to bowl to Kohli, I would be worried

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Debarshee Mitra


Wasim Akram joined Virat Kohli’s long list of admirers, heaping praise on the 27-year-old saying even he would be worried if he had to bowl to him. The Pakistan legend also praised the performance of AB de Villiers, but stopped short of comparing the South African and Virat Kohli.

Speaking to India Today, Akram explained what made Kohli the champion batsman, he is. "Belief, his ability and on top of that his technique. We haven't seen him play the reverse shot or the lap shot, he always plays proper cricketing shots with the full face of the bat. That's why he has been very consistent and as a bowler if I had to bowl at him, I will be worried. It's like in ODI cricket when Sachin Tendulkar opened the innings, it was very difficult to bowl at him because Sachin as a batsman and Kohli as a batsman will hardly give you a chance to get them out.”

His awe for the IPL’s highest run-getter did not end there.

"Kohli has scored 36 sixes in this IPL ... they are lot of sixes. In my cricketing career, I have 50 plus sixes and those days sixes were rare. So, you can imagine he is powerful, he is strong and he can hit the ball miles outside the stadium. He has been a treat to watch," added the KKR coach.

Being part of the KKR coaching staff, Akram has seen Kohli belittle the bowling on too many occasions, and this year he has had a companion in crime in the form of AB de Villiers.

"Mr. 360, he plays beautifully well against the fast bowlers, equally well against the spinners... doesn't matter the situation. He is a match-winner. He will win you a game single-handedly," lauded Akram. But then, he did not go down the comparison road and just appreciated the two equally.

"Very difficult to compare both of them. They have different techniques, they are different players but are very consistent and match-winners. Not just in this format but in all the formats. That's why these guys are the best in the world," said Akram before signing off.


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