Redditors discuss their country’s lowest point in cricket post-2000

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Redditors discuss their country’s lowest point in cricket post-2000

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Cricket fans on Reddit recently discussed their worst memories while following their respective national teams since the dawn of the millennium. The discussions on the thread will serve both for some trips down the memory lane you did not want to revisit as well as a good dose of schadenfreude.

Here is what the fans had to say :


From the traumatic death of Phil Hughes to the dismal performance of the current Australian squad, there have been a lot of moment to forget.

- “As an Aussie, 2016 isn't so hot. “

- “The home Ashes 2010/11 wasn't great either. Think we lost 3 tests by an innings. Cook, KP, Trott feasted. I'd say that series, homework gate and the current stretch we're in are top 3”.

- “Australia tour of India 2013. The team was in shambles, the coaching staff didn't have a good rapport with the players and led to the Homework scandal and all its ridiculousness. We got thumped 4-0 just as we're trying to get some momentum before back-to-back Ashes series.”

- “It wasn't just how badly we lost, it was the state of the team and the utter mess that was going on. There's a good reason they changed coach after that series.”

- “Phil Hughes' death was horrible. Who cares about a string of losses or some team / management politics, they don't mean much if you look at the big picture.”

- “Boxing day 2010 get bowled out for 90 and England were 0/150 at stumps. In front of 90,000 fans. Has to be the worst.”

South Africa

- As someone on the thread said, “how many World Cups has it been?”.

- “Hansie Cronje.”

- “I became a hardcore fan of SA in 2005. For me, the lowest point was when we lost to Australia in the semis of the 07 World Cup. I still feel that team was the strongest ODI squad SA had and should have gone on to win the World Cup. The bulk of them were part of the SA side of the 2000's that went on a 21 match unbeaten run.”

- “Every single World Cup, although last year's semi-final v NZ was actually the best ODI in a while despite the result”


The Indians fans too had a lot of moments to choose from.

- “0-8 right after winning the WC and the test mace was brutal.”

- “I have watched just one day of test cricket in England. It was the day India lost the test, series and the No. 1 ranking all at once. And Tendulkar got run out after the ball hit the bowler's hand on the way to the stumps. It was a cruel day.

“That said, I did get to see a man dressed as a gorilla chase a man dressed as a banana around a stand...”

- “losing 0-4 in both England and Australia”

“For me, our worst run was definitely from the England tour in 2011 up till the Home series against England in 2012. We were below par in the limited over formats and absolutely pathetic in tests. We actually went played 17 straight international games without a win.”

- “The lowest point of Indian cricket, without a doubt, was the match-fixing scandal in 2000. A lot of respected names and a captain found guilty. Shaken the faith in the integrity of the game. Performances can go up and down but that really hit the core of being a fan.”

New Zealand

Chris Cairns was the favorite for the Kiwi fans.

- “Chris Cairns and Lou Vincent.”

- “Off-field that was it, followed closely by the captaincy debacle, with the coaching debacle a distant third.

- “Overall I say 2010 was the worst year. Coaching debacle, 13 straight ODI losses, getting Banglawashed, whitewashed by India B (including a young Ashwin and Kohli). The only reason we won a test that year was because we played Bangladesh at home.”

“I’d say losing Bond too early was a bit of low point. Both as a player, and a bowling coach.”

- “I was going to suggest 45 all out, but I suppose we knew we were s*** at the time. The Cairns/Vincent saga really killed any innocence NZ fans had about our cricket.”


- “2013-14 Ashes series was absolutely f****** miserable. Watching Tremlett bowl his club level toss at 4 in the morning was a nadir. Prior was also a flapping goon throughout that series. Also, Bangladesh 2015 was a particular nadir for me. Christ. Pretty sure Tremlett was in the squad again as well.”

- “The World Cup match? Or is there another one I've cast out of my memory. That World Cup was particularly s***, even by England's ODI standards at the time. Playing the game like it was still the 80s pretty much. I still find it hard to believe how much we improved so fast.”

- “Kevin Peterson. The whole s***show.” to which someone replied, “Two countries can offer this as a low point.”

- “Just after the Ashes 2013 in Australia was probably the worst I can remember- (I'm not that old so I can't remember that many times), and it wasn't great. Players blaming each other, players getting kicked out of the team etc..”


Too many options.

- “For Pakistan there too many to mention.”

- “I tried to pick one. Then I was like no wait that happened too.”

- “The year of the match-fixing scandal could be considered the worst.”

- “Depends on how you look at it. I would say the attack on the Sri Lankan team was way worse. People got shot.”

- “The players involved in that are already eligible to play and one of them is back in the team. Meanwhile, we still can't host home games because of the attack. I think it was worse in every sense.”

“Match-fixing scandal: At least we got Amir back, and we made it all the way to #1 in Test rankings.

“Bus attack: Still no cricket played in Pakistan, which has seriously hurt cricket here in the last few years.”

- “You can also count the World cup loss of 2007 and the death of Bob Wolmer on the list.”

Sri Lanka

- “43 all out against South Africa wasn't great, although Sri Lanka improved significantly as that series went on.”


- “My homeland losing to my home. Losing to Canada in the world cup. Never been more conflicted watching a cricket match.”


- “Losing ODI status.”

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