Watch: Kohli-Jadhav show us the importance of communication

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Watch: Kohli-Jadhav show us the importance of communication

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Running between the wickets is a crucial aspect of the game and it requires good communication and understanding between the batsman. Absence of communication can leave the best of the batsmen red-faced and we witnessed it today when Kohli-Jadhav got into a horrendous mix-up.

The communication skills of the RCB batting duo of Kohli and Jadhav while running between the wickets resembled those of two school boys. The two were seen faltering time and again in various occasions in their 18-ball partnership. They had nearly blundered on the first ball of the 6th over, when Kohli called in for a quick single but Jadhav's late response forced Kohli to dive in order to save his wicket and complete the run. 

The incident in question took place in the 8th over when Lockie Ferguson was brought on to bowl. On the 4th delivery of the over, Jadhav slashed the delivery straight to backward point where it just fell short of the fielder. The fielder fumbled a bit which prompted to Kohli call for a single, Kohli, however, was sent back by Jadhav when he was halfway down the pitch. Ferguson backed up the stumps but failed to grasp the ball with Kohli reaching the crease comfortably. The mis-communication didn't stop there as Kohli made a horrid call to Jadhav seeing Ferguson miss the ball. Jadhav responded quickly and was down the pitch in a flash but Kohli was caught ball watching and failed to send back Jadhav which resulted in Jadhav losing his wicket. 

Jadhav seemed dejected and so did we a below mediocre reaction by Kohli was not at all appreciated by the RCB fans either

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