WATCH | Snicko fails to pick up clear egde in KXIP-DD match

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WATCH | Snicko fails to pick up clear egde in KXIP-DD match

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The BCCI finally gave DRS the go-ahead in the India-England series last year after the ICC convinced them about the accuracy of the system. However, in today's game between KXIP and DD, Snicko, an important feature in DRS, failed to pick up an obvious Sam Billings edge off Sandeep Singh's bowling.

The 10th edition of IPL has been marred by a large number of horrendous decisions from the umpire, but today the umpires showed us why technology is far away from replacing human decision makers on the field.

On the last delivery of the first over, Sandeep Sharma bowled a short delivery outside off which shaped away slightly, but Sam Billings leant into the shot and got a thick outside edge which was easily taken by Wriddhiman Saha. The recent trend in IPL is to verify the decision through the use of technology and when the replay came on the screen, it left everyone shocked as the snicko meter showed no disturbance while the loud and clear nick was easily audible through the stump microphone.

The umpires went with the decision of Out, but this incident has brought the technology used in cricket under doubt.

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