Ashes 2017 | Twitter reacts to England bowlers sledging Steven Smith

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Ashes 2017 | Twitter reacts to England bowlers sledging Steven Smith

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Steve Smith’s classy century that won Australia the Gabba Test made him the biggest target for English players when they took the ground at the Oval. As soon as Smith stepped in, Broad and Anderson started whispering things in his ears, because of which Aleem Dar had to intervene.

Sledging and intimidation have been synonymous with the Ashes, and are one of the major reasons why the historical series has never ceased to entertain people. Even the ongoing series kicked off with David Warner publicly expressing his hatred for the European opponents and numerous controversies ensued before it finally kicked off.

However, the officials have now become extremely strict against such actions and things like verbal bantering and whisperings also fall under serious breach of conduct. The introduction of stump mic, which has become a massive tool for inspection, also gives the players very little opportunities to escape with such antics now. 

Hence, when James Anderson came onto Smith in the 57th over to whisper poison in his ear, umpire Aleem Dar was extremely cautious. Not only did he asked them to stop, but he kept himself between them until Anderson went back to his fielding position.

While it was a one-off thing by Anderson, Broad took it over the line as he ended every single one of his run-ups with a comment to unsettle the Aussie skipper. Smith wasn’t one to back-off either and at one point, their heated conversation also saw Broad pointing his fingers in his ears before Aleem Dar was again forced to cool things off. All the action on the field did have its effect on Smith who eventually was dismissed for just 40 when he misjudged the line of an Overton delivery.

However, the Twitterati had a gala time in all this as the rain delay did little to dampen the spirit of Ashes’ customary sledging.

Here are the funny tweets from the game:

Now, this is why the people love Ashes!

Would've been brilliant if this had happened!

Aleem Dar trying to separate Smith and Anderson was the funniest part! 

And then this happened! Well done Craig Overton! _/\_

Does this mean Tom Field>Steve Smith? Food for thought! :P

But Australia's hero today was Usman Khawaja!

Day-night Test specialist!

Was this the turning point of the game?

Well, never mind!

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