Delhi unlikely to host any international game till 2020

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Delhi unlikely to host any international game till 2020

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Delhi will not get to host any international games in 2019 after it already got a Test match and an ODI in 2017, as per the Future Tours Programme protocols. Worryingly, the IPL fixtures stand on suspicious grounds after the recent oxygen-gate incident, which drew criticism from around the world.

India’s capital city is highly unlikely to see an international Test in 2019 after the ongoing match concludes tomorrow. The rotation policy of the Future Tours Programme (FTP) ensures that all the certified venues in the country get an opportunity to host an ODI and a Test, which keeps Delhi way below in the loop now.

BCCI is pitching for their exclusive home season slot in February-March every year. They will only get that slot in February-March 2020 as per the new Future Tours Programme [FTP]. Therefore, Kotla may or may not be in line for a Test match before 2020. As per the rotation policy, Kotla has now got its Test match and in November it got an ODI. Their turn will not come next year as India will perhaps have at the most one full-fledged series,” revealed a senior BCCI official s quoted by PTI.

The recent controversy that arose on Sunday after Sri Lankan players were finding it difficult to breathe due to Delhi’s pollution, eventually vomiting at the Feroz Shah Kotla, continued on Wednesday and has drawn a lot of criticism from all around the world.

With doctors and physios voicing their concerns with the poor air quality index in the city, which could be threatening for the athletes in the long term, apprehensions have now grown if the capital city would ever host a big international game. However, the official ensured that while that could come into equation later, this probability is more on the basis of the rotation policy.      

“There are other venues waiting for their turn. Similarly, in 2019, when the fresh Future Tours and Programme [FTP] starts, it will take some time for Kotla to get another game. Now what will be the environmental condition in 2020 can’t be predicted in 2017. So, if Kotla doesn’t get a match, it will be purely because of rotation.”

Delhi Daredevils might face problems next year during the IPL though, as it will be difficult for the board and the government to fix a huge issue like toxic atmosphere, in a matter of months. The city will have to undo the poor advertisement that third and final Test match between India and Sri Lanka has given to the world.

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