WATCH: MS Dhoni converts a Kuldeep Yadav caught behind appeal to stumping dismissal

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WATCH: MS Dhoni converts a Kuldeep Yadav caught behind appeal to stumping dismissal

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MS Dhoni’s brilliance behind the stumps has been discussed many a time because he does something in every match to remind the connoisseurs what a valuable asset he is to the Indian team. Today, he, through his reflex, stumped Upul Tharanga as Kuldeep Yadav was still appealing for a caught behind.

“Don’t try to go down the ground or don't play expansive front foot drives when Dhoni is keeping to a spinner. You will end up getting out anyway” - MCC should consider adding this to the revised cricket laws manual from now on for the simple fact that the man is absolutely brilliant behind the stumps. Tharanga seemed like he had forgotten the same and had to pay the price, only to be denied a deserving century in Visakhapatnam today.

With the wicket offering a decent amount of turn, footwork was always going to be the most important option for the Lankan batsmen against the pair of Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal. And Tharanga, despite being well-set in the middle, was lured by Yadav’s tossed up delivery but could not get his bat to it. The former Lankan skipper dragged his back leg a bit, but for Dhoni, the time was more than enough to take the bails off.

However, funnily, Yadav thought Tharanga had nicked it and he appealed for a caught behind. But, Dhoni was unperturbed as ever and after flicking the bails off, instantly asked for a stumping dismissal and even told Tharanga something before making his way to his teammates. The third umpire checked the replays and concluded that there were some light between the shoe and the ground, which meant that India had their man. 

Tharanga got out after scoring 95 runs and missed out on a deserving century that had put the visitors in a pretty good position. With the giant screen signaling the dismissal, the crowd went berserk in their appreciation of Dhoni. Incidentally, it was the same ground where the 36-year-old's ODI career took off with a swashbuckling 148 runs against Pakistan in 2005.    

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