PerthNow | Andrew Tye explains his six type of key deliveries

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PerthNow | Andrew Tye explains his six type of key deliveries

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Andrew Tye, in a detailed discussion with PerthNow, has revealed the process and the mechanism behind his key deliveries, and variations, and how to create confusion in batsman’s mind. The Aussie pacer has also explained what he tries to achieve when those balls come out of his hand.

With the changing landscape of the modern-day cricket due to the emergence of T20s, batsmen have become more efficient in tackling the bowlers. This has, in turn, forced the bowlers to add some new variety to their arsenal so as to bring doubts on players’ heads. They have become successful as well and despite, cricket is rapidly becoming more of a batsman’s game, bowlers still dictate terms in the shortest format of the sport. Tye has been one of the modern-day cricketers, who has the rare ability to bowl yorkers and mix it well with his stock delivery and the unconventional ones. And in a conversation with Braden Quartermaine of PerthNow, he explained his process in detail. 

From PerthNow :


How it’s bowled: Some people like their fingers together down the seam. I prefer them to be just apart on the outside of the seam and then my thumb tends to be either on the seam at the bottom or just next to the seam.


How it’s bowled: Hold it exactly the same as the normal stock delivery, but instead of the seam running up and down parallel with your fingers you turn the ball so your fingers are across the seam.


How it’s bowled: My first and second finger are basically scrunched up as tight as they can. My knuckles are bent and positioned on the rope either side of the seam. It’s pretty tough to hide but I’ve learnt how to disguise it.

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