Waqar Younis trolled on Twitter for coming up with “weird” T10 format

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Waqar Younis trolled on Twitter for coming up with “weird” T10 format

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Waqar Younis, like Sachin Tendulkar, has often been found coming up with innovative ideas for the improvement of cricket, but his recent idea didn't go down well with the fans. The former pacer had stated that Test matches could be popularised by organizing matches with two innings of 10 overs each.

Earlier this year, Younis had managed to send Twitter into an angry meltdown after suggesting that the games in the Women’s World Cup could be reduced to 30 overs from the current 50-over format. His tweet caused a stir among cricket enthusiasts, when some of the users considered his opinion as 'discriminatory' towards women's cricket. However, that couldn't stop him from coming up with another one, this time weirder.

After the conclusion of the successful T10 Cricket League in Sharjah, where many stars including Virender Sehwag, Shahid Afridi, Eoin Morgan had participated, Younis came up with an innovative suggestion that the 10-over format could be organized in Test cricket as well in hope of regaining the fading interest among the fans to follow the longest version of the game. He also stated that by having two innings of 10 overs each, along with leads, trails and follow-ons, the red-ball format of the game can also appeal to the new generation.

He wrote on Twitter, “To feed my love of Test cricket and to build on this T10 initiative, how about T10 matches in Test format? Two innings, 10 overs each with leads/trails, follow on, etc. Innovation & change is the only way forward in this world. Thoughts?” 

However, the weird suggestion was met with a lot of flak on social media with people even asking the former Pakistan skipper not to come up with any idea that would hurt the game. 

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