WATCH | Kuldeep fails after trying to challenge Dhoni Review System

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WATCH | Kuldeep fails after trying to challenge Dhoni Review System

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Team India, probably, is yet to take a review without consulting MS Dhoni and rightly so, as Virat Kohli had put it, he gets “almost 90% of the decisions correct”. Today, Kuldeep Yadav pleaded to go for a review when Dhoni seemed unconvinced and as expected the technology sided with the latter.

Well, it might seem redundant now, but that is whatever the case is - umpire should never doubt Dhoni’s DRS ability at any point of time. When he is convinced to go upstairs, he gets it right and when he is not, he is going to be right again. Today’s DRS review was a brilliant demonstration of the same. 

On the penultimate ball of the 14th over, Asela Gunaratne tried to play a Kuldeep delivery on the wrong line as the ball just spun past the inside edge to hit his pads. An excited Kuldeep appealed for the wicket but umpire Anil Chaudhary didn’t seem too convinced and ruled his decision in the batsman’s favour. But Kuldeep thought he had his man as literally pleaded Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni to go for the review. 

But Dhoni, who usually suggests going for the DRS appeal instantly if he thinks it was out, didn’t seem too convinced about the decision and shared his unsureness with his skipper. But the former India skipper also suggested opting for the review as it wouldn’t have been a too much of a loss for the team. So, Rohit went upstairs with a huge grin on his face, but the replays that appeared made the visiting team happy. 

After checking the front-foot and UltaEdge, the third umpire checked ball-tracking which suggested that the ball had just caught the bails and seeing which meant that Chaudhary was asked to stay with his decision. 

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