MSK Prasad : Changes in diet and fitness regimes have resulted in rise in fitness levels

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MSK Prasad : Changes in diet and fitness regimes have resulted in rise in fitness levels

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MSK Prasad has lavished praise on team trainer Shankar Basu and team physio Patrick Farhart with respect to stunning growth in fitness levels. He has also shared his thoughts on the importance of having skill set to represent country and stated that fitness can never take away the value of skills.

When quizzed about the emphatic form of the current Indian cricket team over the past 18 months, which seen them beat opponents like England, Australia and Sri Lanka as well as the team's significant rise in endurance levels, Prasad went on to say that, "With regard to increase in pace and strength level (that this Indian team is having), full credit has to go to the team trainer and the team physio, who has been working day-in-day-out with these boys. There’s a change in their diet. There’s a change in their fitness regimes. The leader himself leads from the front in that aspect," in a recent interview with the Indian Express during the Ranji Trophy semi-final between Karnataka and Vidarbha at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

One player, in particular, has seen a steep rise in his pace level, and that is - swinger Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, who has gone from 130kph to 140kph over the past 12 months. Over the past year, he has emerged as a leading light in the bowling department and seems to always get the breakthrough when the team requires him to do so.

When asked if Prasad himself had a direct conversation with Kumar regarding his pace level, he responded, "Definitely not. See, there are certain things that the team management discusses. There are certain things about which the selectors talk to the players. Things that are not in our purview, we will definitely not speak to them." 

Recent speculation regarding the issue of Talent vs Fitness was a hot topic for selectors who had to make tough choices as they sought to hand youngsters an opportunity to showcase their skills which inadvertently resulted in axing some old timers like R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja.

Speaking about the same, the former Indian stumper said, "Cricket itself is a skill-based game. Because they are skillful players, they are representing the country. We can never say that fitness has to precede skill. But the issue is that, if fitness adds to skill then one can perform in tough conditions for an extended period of time. If you see the example of our captain, Virat, there’s no doubt about his skill. Now fitness has added (to that) and he is breaking one record after another.

"And if you see the top sportsmen across the globe today, whether it’s Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, or any other top sportsman, it’s the fitness which adds to their skill. And it makes them champions. So Virat, or the team management, or all of us – we want to see that the Indian team achieves many more good results for the country. If fitness adds to their skills, we can do that. That’s the reason why these parameters are fixed and the whole country knows these parameters. So now, the youngsters who are coming up will know where they stand and add some more fitness to their already existing skill level."

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