5 times India Vs Pakistan matches became too hot to handle

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5 times India Vs Pakistan matches became too hot to handle

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Inda Vs Pakistan matches have always been one of the most fiercely contested fixtures on the cricket field. However, there have also been times where the emotions have spilt over from both sets of players. Here are 5 such times when tempers flared during an Indo-Pak encounter.

So far the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 has been contested by all teams in the right spirit. However, that could all change given the fact that India and Pakistan are contesting the final of the tournament today. The kind of emotions that are stirred during an Indo-Pakistan game cannot be compared to anything else. 

Here are five previous times where the players lost their cool during an India-Pakistan game:

1. Venkatesh Prasad vs Aamir Sohail (1996 World Cup)

Let the most popular one out of the way first. Whenever the names of either Venkatesh Prasad or Aamir Sohail are mentioned, one's memory almost immediately zips back to the 1996 World Cup match between the two rivals. Playing at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, India had managed an impressive score of 287 in their 50 overs and Pakistan looked up for the challenge as they stayed ahead of the required rate in the fielding restrictions. 

The incident occurred in the 15th over, when after hitting Prasad for a boundary, Sohail pointed towards the covers to mock the bowler. Prasad kept his calm and got his revenge on the very next ball when he uprooted the opener's off stump to send him packing. The images of the two going head to head has since become one of the greatest images in the India-Pakistan rivalry.

2. Harbhajan Singh vs Shoaib Akhtar (2010 Asia Cup)

Keeping with the trend of immediate revenge, in 2010, while chasing Pakistan's score of 267, India appeared to be well on their way to another win against their eternal rivals, needing just 7 runs off as many balls. On the last ball of the penultimate over, Shoaib Akhtar bowled a fast bouncer to Harbhajan Singh that the Indian spinner was not able to connect with. 

Amidst the high tension, Shoaib Akhtar walked upto Harbhajan and exchanged a few choice words with the Indian spinner in Punjabi. The duo started going at it and it needed the intervention of Billy Doctrove to put an end to the spat. However, it was the Indian who came out on top again as he finished the game off by smashing Mohammad Amir for a huge six. Harbhajan made his delight known to Akhtar, who didn't look too impressed with the decision.

3. Kiran More vs Javed Miandad (1992 World Cup)

Riding on a half century by Sachin Tendulkar, India managed a competitive score of 216 in their first innings and after the loss of two early wickets, Pakistan appeared to be clawing their way into the game. With the game hanging in the balance, Kiran More decided to play some mind games as he started chatting with Miandad and got under the latter's skin with his excessive appealing.

Miandad was so irritated with the Indian keeper that he stopped the bowler, midway through his run up, to have a word with More. On the very next delivery, when Miandad was sent back by Sohail, the Pakistani showed his discontent as he started jumping in front of the Indian keeper while holding his hands in the air to imitate More's constant appealing.

4. Rahul Dravid vs Shoaib Akhtar (2004 Champions Trophy)

When it comes to India vs Pakistan, even the calmest of players struggle to keep their emotions in check. Rahul Dravid, who was known for not getting involved in too many controversies, got into a war of words with Shoaib Akhtar during a Champions Trophy game played at the same venue, as today's game, in 2004. With Pakistan dominating the Indian team with some exceptional bowling, tempers flared in the 40th over with the score at 131/6.

After playing a typical shot, off the backfoot on the off-side, Dravid tried to steal a double. Both players were guilty of staring at the ball and when Dravid turned for the double, he almost crashed into the bowler. After the ball, the pacer made his thoughts clear to Dravid in no uncertain terms and while he would have thought that Dravid would not respond, the Indian walked all the way from the striker's end to face off with Akhtar. However, the players on the field were quick to react and stopped the duo before anything serious could materialize

Over a decade later, Akhtar went as far as to compare Dravid to the legendary Boxer Mohammad Ali, stating that the Indian legend “would tire you out.”

5. Gautam Gambhir vs Shahid Afridi (2007)

One of the most heated moments in an India-Pakistan match took place in 2007 when Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi locked horns. With India going stable at 92/2 in 19 overs, things began to boil over when Gambhir smashed Afridi for a boundary with a glorious on-drive. The duo "exchanged pleasantries" but the game continued normally. On the next ball, however, edged a ball to the short third man region and ran off for a single. 

While both players had their eye on the ball, there was a heavy collision and between the batsman and the bowler. The duo got very close to each other and it looked like there was a possibility of an all out brawl. The Umpire, however, intervened just in time to ease the tension. Both players were banned a hefty amount of their match fee to dissuade such incidents from taking place in the future.

It has been over 10 years since the incident but even to this day, the duo are still on less than cordial terms with each other.

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