WATCH | Rohit Sharma laughs off at Sarfraz Ahmed’s appeal for obstructing the field

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WATCH | Rohit Sharma laughs off at Sarfraz Ahmed’s appeal for obstructing the field

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Pakistan skipper Sarfraz Ahmed showcased a cheeky moment by appealing for an obstructing the field, when clearly there was none. After a throw from mid-off hit Rohit Sharma, who was trying to steal a quick single, Sarfraz appealed for it and after seeing this, Sharma couldn’t help but grin.

Every India-Pakistan match has always been a joy to behold for the fans of either country. But the lopsidedness of the contest in the ICC events has taken away some of its sheen. But whenever the rivals meet each other, it is meant to be a classic and leaves the fans with many memories. 

After taking India to a good start, Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma started finding the boundaries on regular intervals, but most importantly they collected runs through singles and doubles. In the eighth over of the game, Dhawan pushed Imad Wasim’s back of a length delivery to mid-off. Although Dhawan called for a run immediately, Sharma was a little slow to respond and on the way, a weak throw from mid-off hit his body. 

While that was clearly unintentional as anyone could sense from the first look, Ahmed started appealing for the wicket for obstructing the field. Not only did it leave anyone who was watching astonished, Sharma couldn't help but laugh it off. Sarfraz immediately took his appeal back and gestured that it was all done for humor

But this incident was bound to take the memory back to 2006 when former Pakistan skipper Inzamam-Ul-Haq was given out after he fended off Suresh Raina's throw from mid-off with the bat while still out of his crease. That created a lot of stir then and thankfully, another potential one was avoided. 

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