WATCH | Dhoni's signature keeping move costs India five runs

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WATCH | Dhoni's signature keeping move costs India five runs

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India were looking to choke the Bangladeshi batsmen for runs in the middle overs when MS Dhoni's signature move of the "no-look" throw at the stumps cost his side 5 penalty runs. Bangladesh finished their innings with a score of 264 runs after the Indian bowlers made a strong comeback into the game.

The incident in question took place on the third delivery of the 40th over when Ravichandran Ashwin was bowling brilliantly to keep the Bangladeshi batsmen in check. On the said delivery, though, Mahmudullah swept the ball for a single and tried to steal another run but was sent back but Mosaddek Hossain. The latter had realized the double was not worth the risk and decided to make his way into his when MS Dhoni, took off one of his gloves and tried to deflect the incoming throw towards the stumps. The ball, however, went on to hit the glove lying near the stumps and deflected away from the wicket. The standing umpire Kumar Dharmasena was quick to spot the event and signalled Richard Kettleborough to award five penalty runs to the Bangladeshi side.

The over ended with India giving away 10 runs courtesy a wide and two leg byes which further boosted Bangladesh's run rate at a crucial stage of the game.

India or West Indies? Who will win?

WI hold a 60-53 H2H advantage over IND historically but in last 10 completed games between them , IND have won 7. IND has also won all last 5 games at this venue.

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