Ask the players who they want as the next coach, says Sunil Gavaskar

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Ask the players who they want as the next coach, says Sunil Gavaskar

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Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar sarcastically commented that the BCCI should ask the players who they want as the coach as it would save them a lot of trouble. Gavaskar also sought clarification from the Indian team on what they found "overbearing" in Anil Kumble's tenure as the coach.

Anil Kumble resigned from the post of the Indian coach and described his relationship with skipper Virat Kohli as the reason for doing so. Kumble clarified the matter on his Twitter handle where he stated that the Indian skipper has "reservations" about his style of coaching that prompted him to take the step. Virat Kohli has since then drawn flak for maintaining a hostile stance against Kumble even after CAC's intrusion in the issue. Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at the Indian side and advised the BCCI to pick the new coach according to what suits the players.

"It is because of the team and the captain not liking Anil Kumble's methods we have come to this situation. Why not save all the trouble and ask them while they are in the West Indies, 'Listen, you guys, who do want as coach. We have eight or ten applications or whatever applications... So who do you want as coach' and that's it. Simple," a disappointed Gavaskar told NDTV.

After Kumble's resignation, reports have also surfaced that Kohli and other Indian players were unhappy with the former leg-spinner's man-management style that demanded a disciplined and regimented routine from the players. Gavaskar noted the development and sought clarification on what quality of Kumble made him overbearing, knowing which would benefit whoever will take on the job next.

"Let's wait and see what they found wrong in Anil Kumble. We need to also find out whether they found it overbearing and what exactly is overbearing. Let's get a clarification also.

"All that I am saying because of the next coach. So the next coach knows exactly where he stands. 'If I do this, is this going to be overbearing. If I tell you to report to practice at 9.30, is it going to be overbearing. If I say to you that I want some extra nets from you, I want you to catch 50 more catches or if I want you to bowl 20 more deliveries in the nets, is it overbearing'. For the next coach's sake it is important that these things are clarified." said Gavaskar.

When asked about who really holds the reins of the team Gavaskar replied, "On the field, the captain is the boss, off the field it's the coach or the manager. The coach and the manager are responsible for preparing the players."

Gavaskar also suggested Kohli come out with his side of things on the issue.

"My advice to Virat would be to make a statement and make things clear. Kumble also needs to clarify who in the BCCI informed him about Virat's unhappiness about him. A statement from Kohli will help clear the air, saying this is what I feel and my issue with Kumble."

On being asked what could have been the issue that led to such a situation, Gavaskar went on to add, "Let's wait and see what exactly players found wrong in Anil Kumble."

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