Anil Kumble wanted say in the playing XI, claims BCCI official

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Anil Kumble wanted say in the playing XI, claims BCCI official

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The Virat Kohli-Anil Kumble saga is taking a new turn every day as a BCCI official revealed that Kumble wanted to have a say in the playing XI of matches, which is mainly the duty of the captain. He also added that the strained relationship between the duo started from Kumble’s first tour to WI.

Kumble explained his decision to step down owing to the skipper’s reservations about his “style” of functioning. However, reports have emerged that the crack had started from Anil Kumble’s first tour as India’s coach, when he wanted to have a say on the team’s playing XI. 

"He (Anil) wants to be the alpha-male in the dressing room. He wants a say in the playing XI, the reason why he wanted the coach to be a selector too. It doesn't work like that. It's always the captain's team - whether it was Sourav or Rahul or MS. And now, it's Virat's," a source told The Times of India.

He also revealed that on May 21, “when the Committee of Administrators (CoA) met Kumble in Hyderabad to hear out his proposal on player salaries and other mechanisms, he wanted to be put in place, everyone involved had a fair idea of the growing discord between him and Virat."

The official, who was reportedly present in all the meetings of the BCCI, added that Kumble was very overbearing and haughty while talking to CoA as well. But he conceded that handing over the mess to the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), comprising Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman to first speak with Kumble and Kohli and then sort out the applications and the interview process, turned out to be a blunder. 

But he threw his weight behind Kohli and the Indian team and said that the team was made out to be the villain by the masses. "It's sad that Virat and members of the team are being made to look like they're undisciplined brats who didn't want a coach who is now being made to look like he was perfect. That's a very wrong perception. It's understandable if BCCI is being seen in poor light given the way this entire matter was handled," he said.

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