Murali Vijay makes little of Glenn Maxwell mocking Kohli's injury

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Murali Vijay makes little of Glenn Maxwell mocking Kohli's injury

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Murali Vijay refused to pay much heed to Glenn Maxwell mocking Virat Kohli's injury during Day 3 of the third Test between India and Australia yesterday. Glenn Maxwell was seen imitating Kohli's shoulder injury after saving a boundary at the ropes just before the Indian captain's dismissal.

However, Vijay told the media that the Indian players were taking the imitation sportingly and were more focused on the game. He went on to say that he was hoping that Australia would be sporting as well when the visitors come out to bat in the second innings.

"To be honest, we are really focused on our games, we have a match in hand so we got to go close to their target and these are the things running in our heads in the dressing room. All the players are aware of it and whatever they are doing, we take it as a sportive thing and they have the second innings so hopefully they can take it that way it will be great," Vijay said after the game, reported PTI.

The Indian skipper injured his shoulder on Day 1 of the crucial Ranchi Test which was followed by speculation that he might not play a part in the match. However, Kohli did come out to bat after Vijay's dismissal but was unable to make a notable contribution with the bat. 

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