Sandeep Sharma charged with Level 1 offence for dissent, fined 50% match fee

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Sandeep Sharma charged with Level 1 offence for dissent, fined 50% match fee

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Kings XI Punjab pacer Sandeep Sharma has accepted a Level 1 offence for showing dissent towards umpire A Nand Kishore's no-ball decision after the former changed sides without the umpire's consent. The pacer has been fined 50 per cent of his match fee for his reaction to the decision.

The incident occurred in the fifth over of Gujarat's innings when Ishan Kishan played a Sandeep ball straight to midwicket. While no run was taken, the official signalled a no-ball and a free hit for the next ball. Sandeep questioned the umpire on the decision and was told that he had switched to round the wicket without telling the umpire. 

This led to a heated argument between the two, with the bowler looking particularly animated. Glenn Maxwell, who was fielding at long on joined the discussion and advised his bowler to get on with the game. However, replays suggested that the bowler had signalled the umpire about the change from his mark, but it appeared that the umpire thought that it was just a fielding change. At the end of the over, Sandeep snatched his cap from the umpire's hand looking disgruntled by what had transpired. 

Once the replays were shown on the screen in Mohali, Glenn Maxwell used the entire strategic timeout to argue with the umpire which was equally animated. The Kings captain, however, has not been reprimanded for his role in the incident.

In a statement issued by the organisers it was confirmed that Sandeep had admitted the offence under section 2.1.5 of the IPL Code of Conduct for Players and Team Officials and had also accepted the sanction, reported PTI.

While one can make the case that the umpire might have been at fault in the incident as well, Sandeep Sharma's behaviour was completely out of line. The pacer and his captain should have faced stricter fines and even suspensions for the way they acted in a tense environment. Even if major players are involved in such incidents, the organisers need to be harsher in the punishments given to the players.

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