Reports | BCCI to introduce mid season player transfers in 2018 IPL

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Reports | BCCI to introduce mid season player transfers in 2018 IPL

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IPL franchises have reportedly given the nod to a new policy where players who did not feature in the playing XI for the first seven matches can move to other teams in the upcoming season. A final decision on the matter could be taken during the next meeting of IPL Governing Council.

There is no doubt that the IPL governing council has been working hard to make the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League even more grand and interesting. A Mega-auction is already planned and franchises are currently thinking over the retention policy. Now, reports have suggested that the 2018 edition of the IPL may feature unique provisions of players switching to other teams if they haven't played in the first seven matches of the season. 

According to the report, in the recent GC meeting that included representatives from the BCCI and IPL teams, in Mumbai on November 21, points such as player retention policy, right to match card, and auction venue. At that time, the teams have agreed on the new proposal that players who haven’t been picked by their team to play the first seven matches of the season can be bought by other franchises mid season. But no official statement has come on the topic yet.

"There have been instances where a player gets only a few games, and that too towards the business end of the tournament, or warms the bench throughout the season. A team buys a certain player in the auction but later finds it difficult to accommodate him in the playing XI due to their combination or team balance. This proposal is a win-win situation for players and teams. The idea was discussed in the meeting and all owners/team representatives seemed convinced about it. The modalities will be worked out as soon as the IPL body accepts the proposal," Mid-day quoting a BCCI source saying.

The final call on the matter will be taken at the next meeting. There have been many examples when teams buy a prominent star to strengthen their squad but fail to find a place for him in the playing XI due to team balance or strategies.

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